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Loved the game!
Really cool mechanic, adorable graphics and a fresh idea for this jam.

There is this octopus-like fish you can encounter with one of the higher-level baits which rewards you with enough cats to finish the game.
I'm not enitrely sure whether this is balanced enough.

Anyway, thanks for making this!

I added that last fish to be a basically free play mode, since the bait to get him costs the same as escape. I am really glad to hear someone found it! Thanks for playing!

Seems fun, but the fishing is broken for me. The hook stays bugged to the right of the bar. I can't move it with AD and pressing E also doesn't help. Just for context, it starts off going moving right and then stays bugged on the right.


You move it with the mouse

Very fun!


I kinda wanted to stay on my island with my singularity of cats and my overflow of cash!

  • Buys an island
  • Exploits cats to earn money
  • Pays them with food only
  • earns $1000000
  • buys a ship
  • banishes the island and leaves all the cats behind
  • takes all the remaining money with them
  • Best startup idea ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

The game is cool tho haha

Thanks! your comment gave me a good chuckle, the concept is a bit odd on paper haha

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Alternative plan:

  • buys an island
  • exploits cats to earn money
  • overpopulates island with cats
  • causes an integer overflow and is in debts for being too rich
  • buys the ship, leaves an overpopulated, lagging island behind and gets away with a shitload of fish!


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I like it. Fishing mechanic reminds me of Stardew Valley. Good ideas, I like that the fishing rod is upgradable.  Only negative aspect is, the boat is too expensive, the game takes too long to finish :)

Thanks! stardew was pretty much what I based the fishing on, I find it fun. Ive still got some time before jam dead line so I will make the cats produce a bit more money. Thank you for the feedback