Bards, Beards, and Boats, By Pip Malt licensed under CC BY 3.0

All sounds from under Creative Commons 0

A game made for the Mini-Jam 102: Steam.

Theme: Steam
One of the key units is a Steam Train

Limitation: Death is Not the end
The Hydra fruit do not *End* when they die, instead they will revive until you manage to destroy all of them at one.

This game is a short puzzle game.
Click a unit to select them, click a icon to do the action.
Click attack or 1 to prep an attack with a unit.
Click End turn or E to end the turn.

Every unit has different features, learning their attributes is key to success.

Scythe users deal more Damage: 3
Gunners attack from a far
Nomads only take 1 AP to move over desert

Game is very very short, hope you enjoy it!

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