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Really love the mechanic although I'm still stuck at wave 2 xD. With a little more balancing and music I think this would be a very great card game

Thanks! I see potential in this project as well :D


Is the whole gameplay idea based on the economy yours? Because it's fucking fantastic. This is very damn promising, i highly incourage you to actually turn it into a full-blown game with more features/levels and possibly PvP and deckbuilding, it's up to you.

It does have one fatal flaw tho: the randomness. Haveing compleatly randomized cards without any idea on what you're gonna draw it's problematic and makes planning very weird sometimes.

If i had to suggest a solution i would tell you to either just make the hand size bigger (i know that it's just 1 for the jam but outside of the jam it doesn't have to be) or alternatively to have the ability to know what cards are left in your deck

I hope to be able to play a full version of this game in the future :D


Thanks alot! The original idea was for it to be a deck building game actually. I do want to work on it more over time, and it has some problems to fix (the Randomness being a big one) another solution that comes to mind it having the next enemy be told to the player. While I probably won't do PvP I do have some plans to work on the game more. Thanks again for playing

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Damn this game is really good! Color me very impressed!

This is a really simple, elegant, intuitive set of mechanics, and it just works great! Obviously the program itself is rough and unpolished (like all of ours for a game jam), but this is just excellent, really! This is by far my favorite game jam game I've played thus far. Really well done, I mean it.


thank you alot, and yeah unpolished as all heck. Thanks for playing and it means alot that this has been your favorite!


I liked the game only felt like it was alot off luck off the draw depending on wether you win or not.


Yeah, given more time I would like to balance things better and maybe give the player more control. Thanks for playing though?

no problem I really liked the idea as well I hope you had fun making it :D.