A VERY short platformer where you have the power to Pause time.

A - D or Left stick to move

W or A button to Jump

Space or Y button to Pause time

this game was made in 72 hours for the Crime mini jam.

This jam was more of a chill out affair for me so I didnt really hit the theme, there character is kinda thief looking is about it. The Theme was optional tho, but the limitation 'Pausing must be a Core mechanic' want optional and the game kinda speaks for itself in that department.

the Font is free with attribution: 

It was Daniel Linssen's 'm6x11' font


The music is from the Abudant Music Generator


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uh, i just wanted to try one of your other games, but for some reason i cant see the man, hes invisable.

Oh damn, sorry to hear that. Are you on Mac? I only have a PC so I havent tested it on other platforms. Also Ive only tested it on Chrome. 

nah, im running windows 10 on chrome as well :/ all good tho :D