This is a submission for the KJam #1 game jam. 

You play as an angel keeping demons out of heaven, Loot money so that you can but new weapons to use!

The theme was Loot this, we need minimum of 5 items, so I went with having weapons. I overscoped a bit so the game is more of a prototype with some diffrent weapons in it. But I learned alot and had fun.


Left mouse button: Primary attack

Right mouse button: Weapon Specific attack

Kill enemies to gain gold, you can then use the gold to buy new weapons. There are 4 enemy types. The goal is basically to just but all the weapons. 

I have put the source files below if anyone interested. Beware, it is a mess.

Here is a video of the game being played: 

Made withUnity


Download 219 MB

Development log

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