The World has come to an end, all that remains is sand and a single Oasis. The end was brought about by the God of Water. The world has no water and no plant life. The God has grown tired of this dead world and has decided its time to restart everything. You and the 9 others have found Gods resting place, in a small Oasis where the only water left sits. It has purposed a game to decide how the new world will be rebuilt, the 10 participants will democratically sacrifice each other, until two remain. The last two will decide who gets to rebuild the world.  

This Small game was made for the Mini Jam 53 under the theme Oasis, with the limitation of Permadeath, in other worlds no continue or life systems. My goal was to make a game where Permadeath applies to all characters

The game itself is a Voting simulator, You are give on interaction before everyone votes on someone to be sacrificed to the Oasis. 

Befriend: Gains loyalty with that person

Spread Rumors: Makes everyone dislike that person a little

Ask to target: If that person likes you more than the next person you click they will vote for them.

Every character has a unique ending! try and seem them all. Except maybe Denis' he pretty much always goes out.

This kinda became an excuse to draw a bunch of characters. But I am proud of it

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsHand-drawn, Short, Turn-based

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atfer a very long time i was able to get ze denis ending

GGWP! Thats a hella hard one to get


Susan best waifu


simple and fun


I got the Petty ending